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once upon a time, i accepted the following prompt from poisontaster -  "Sam, Dean, and Jess is a snow storm with nothing better to do."

i tried and failed with that, but it's had me working on an alternate reality story where Cassie dies and Jess lives instead, since, oh, December or so. this is one thread i tried sewing the plot with, it didn't work, but i liked the way it went and am posting it here for posterity.

gen, dean, sam/jess, jo, john PG-13 for swearing

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12th-Feb-2007 03:56 pm - SPN Fic: "Two Bits" - R, Gen
Title: Two Bits
Rating: R for swearing and nudity
Pairing/Characters: Gen - Sam, Dean, John, Jessica 
Word Count: ~1800
Warnings: Het implied. Does that really need to be a warning?
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: Just an idea I had. Thanks go to awesome betas  onelittlesleepand azewewish
. Couldn't have done it without you - or the tequila - but mostly you. I don't know if it's been proven canonically that Sam is short for Samuel, but for the purposes of this story, let's pretend it's short for Samson instead, okay?

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2nd-Feb-2007 11:39 am - "For the Good Times" Coda #2

tsuki_no_bara also played along to the lyrics meme from last week and asked for:

so... a year after for the good times. like, the next year sam memorializes his dead. please. :>

Well, Sam wasn't interested, but Dean with his steel trap mind remembered a couple of things and had this to say...

A year later, they're on a stake out somewhere in Missouri for an entire week. It's boring and mind numbing. On their third night, Dean surprises Sam as they crouch a little lower in the front seat of the Impala to hide themselves from the trick-or-treaters making their way up and down the sidewalk in this cookie-cutter small town.

"You used to carry this blanket around with you when you were real small. Wouldn't go anywhere without it. Do you remember?"

"No, maybe."

"I think it was one of the few things that made it out of the fire."


"Yeah, anyway. You lost it once and dude, you were a mess. Which was nerve wracking. You were a really good baby, saved it all up for puberty I guess."

Sam frogs Dean in the arm, uses his middle and index knuckles for bonus pain.

"Oww, fucker."


"Sammy, you scoundrel! Are you done defiling my ears, or can I continue?"

Sam huffs, nods.

"So Dad was frantic, searched high and low, we'd just got to Jim's to stay for a spell, and we couldn't find it anywhere."

Sam watches a scarecrow and a batman walk by. Trys to imagine their Dad 'frantic'.

"So he gives you to Jim and says 'I'll be back.' Then tells me to mind and takes off."

"What, he just left us?"

"Yeah, he up and left us. Jeez Sammy."


"I know. Anyway, the next afternoon he came back with it. He drove across two states back to the motel we'd been in, found it kicked under the bed, the maids missed it."

"I didn't know."

"Yeah, you were his shadow for weeks after. Thought he hung the moon."

"Why, why're you telling me this?"

"I dunno...just thought you should know." 

The next night, Sam comes back with nuked burritos from the 7-11 around the corner and finds Dean digging through his cassette tape box. Not the easy access one that fits neatly on the drivetrain hump, but the big one that stays in the trunk.

He plucks out what he was looking for and pops it in the player before Sam can get a good look at it, which is kinda futile being that it's midnight. He hands Dean a burrito and salsa packets when a mellow bass line kicks in through the speakers.

Sweet, wonderful you 
You make me happy with the things you do 
Oh, Oh Oh, can it be so? 
This feeling follows me wherever I go

Sam stares at the radio, then Dean. "Dude, really?"

Dean pauses mid-chew to raise an eyebrow at Sam. 

Sam shakes his head and digs in as Dean's head starts to bop and his free hand taps out the rhythm on the steering wheel.

"Mom used to play this album when she would clean house. She'd set me on the floor with my Hotwheels and turn this on while she folded laundry, did dishes, whatever."

Sam gets a clue about half way through his burrito.  "Really? I think...Rumors right?" Dean nods. "Right, Jess used to listen to this too. I'd never heard it before. I guess, Dad didn't..."






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1st-Feb-2007 04:03 pm - "For the Good Times" Coda #1


zelost_mind graciously played along to my lyrics meme last week and as her reward, requested:

Hmmm...I think I'd like to see a little bit about what Sam and Dean did the morning after Jessica's night? From 'For the Good Times'.

So here it is...

In the morning, Dean wakes up from crashing out in Sam's room on the empty bed. Sam's snores are soft and even. Dean sits up and scans the rest of the room. Last night he was too focused on Sam to really get a good look at his brother's handy work. He makes a mental note to be long gone before the cleaning ladies, who Sam's been sending away since they've been there, storm the room.

He pulls his jeans on and stretches. His toes curl into the crappy carpet as he searches his pockets for change and weighs what he finds in the palm of his hand to see if there's enough.

He pads barefoot down the sidewalk to the coffee machine, the cement already warm even though it's November now, crazy Texas heat. It feels good though across his shoulders as he waits for the cups to descend and fill with mud. He can feel the freckles popping out brown across them. As he moseys back, he holds each of the cups above his head to see what hands he's been dealt, smiles when the cup in his left hand reveals trip Aces. 

Sam's up when he returns, staring bleary eyed at the wall, only half awake. He sniffs a few times as Dean sets the crappy coffee down on the night stand between the beds and goes to each altar in the room to collect the sugar skulls. Sam takes a sip of his coffee then frowns up at his pair of twos.

Dean plops down on the foot of Sam's bed and splits the loot between them. The sugar is waxy and cloying on their tounges, but helps cover the acrid coffee taste and gives them the jolt they need to get showers, get packed, and get out of there. When Sam comes out of the bathroom from one last police sweep, he finds Dean slipping the pictures of Mary and their father into his wallet.

Dean looks up and smiles a little sheepishly. Sam returns it before heading to the door, grabbing Dean by the neck and tugging along the way. 

"Head 'em up."

"And move 'em out."

- footnote: the ritual of eating calaveras "serves as a symbol of eating death, making it one’s own and recognizing its permanent closeness in our lives." (from inside-mexico.com)


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12th-Jan-2007 08:17 am - SPN 2x10 Review - "Hunted"

Disclaimer: I love this show, duh, and my philosophy regarding  it is thus:

It's like pizza or sex. Even when it's meh or blegh, hey! Still pizza! Still sex! So if I get nitpicky or say I don't think something worked, it has nothing to do with my love for the show as a whole and I'm not being bashy, just critical. (Look that word up if you think it's only a negative one.) I'm saying, "Hey, we really shouldn't have ordered the anchovies," or "Next time, lets skip the anal, okay?" Now on with the my review...

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10th-Jan-2007 11:49 pm - Batman Begins fic: Ra's/Bruce, NC-17
Title: Apt Pupil
Rating: NC-17 for slash and bondage
Pairing/Characters: Ra's/Bruce
Word Count: 300ish
Warnings: this ain't your mama's ninja training
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: written for the prompt  Ra's/Bruce, imprisonment  over at oxoniensis ' Epic Porn Battle. Read this and then go check out all the other really hot stuff people are posting over there.

Feedback of any kind is always, always appreciated and welcome.

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Title: For the Good Times
Rating: PG-13 for swearing.
Pairing/Characters: Gen - Sam, Dean
Word Count: 1800
Warnings: spoilers through season 2
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: Sam needs to honor the dead. This is how. 

For more about Dia de los Muertos, go here. Title and cut tag are from the Kris Kristofferson ballad "For the Good Times". Complete lyrics here. If anyone has an .mp3 of this (or the Ray Price version) I'd be much oblidged to get a copy. I'm only working off the memory of my dad singing this song when I was a little girl. 

Thanks go to my betas

onelittlesleep and darksybarite. Couldn't have done it without you, gals.




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8th-Dec-2006 03:22 pm - SPN 2x09 Review - Croatoan

Disclaimer: I love this show, duh, and my philosophy regarding  it is thus:

It's like pizza or sex. Even when it's meh or blegh, hey! Still pizza! Still sex! So if I get nitpicky or say I don't think something worked, it has nothing to do with my love for the show as a whole and I'm not being bashy, just critical. (Look that word up if you think it's only a negative one.) I'm saying, "Hey, we really shouldn't have ordered the anchovies," or "Next time, lets skip the anal, okay?" Now on with the my review...

spn - family bonding

Title: This Stuff Just Writes Itself  (A manly love story in three acts)
Rating: R for cursing and Adult Situations
Pairing/Characters: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, cameos by Sandy McCoy, Michael Rosenbaum, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Word Count: 5500
Warnings: uh, slash?
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: This is all fiction, as far as I know anyway. Here's to wishful thinking. 

So, remember that SFX interview way back in September that had us all squeeing? In estrella30  's post about the article, I proposed this fic idea. After realizing no one was gonna write it but me, I endeavored to do so. The title of this fic? TOTAL LIE. For starters, Jensen didn't wanna tell the story, Jared did and got all retarded about it. Then, I decided to go to school this semester on a whim. A word of advice - don't ever go to college on a whim. But finally, FINALLY, here it is. All parts in bold are direct quotes from the interview. That part I did NOT make up. The rest, well, you tell me.

Thanks to my betas: without_me , sweill , lady_shain , and keepaofthecheez (get better darlin').

Special thanks to my partner in crime onelittlesleep . This is how we do things in the country, son. *hugs you madly*

Feedback is always, ALWAYS, appreciated. 

I've a buddy who's just a typical Texan dude...Collapse )  

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