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SPN 2x21 Review - "Graduation Day, Part One" 
11th-May-2007 06:18 am

ZOMG! Where will Dean find the blood of a Slayer?!!!!!!!!

But seriously, folks...

You know, for all of the love I have for Bobby, dude, you're carrying a rifle and are supposedly the awesome-est of awesome hunters. You can't put one in the back of a moving target from a few hundred feet? Or Dean, pull a Mal and shoot the guy who just stabbed your entire universe in the back without blinking? For all I loved Dean's pawing of Sam and his very moving man!pain, the whole last scene was off for me in timing.

I don't think I can dig any deeper than that until next week. However, I do have a feeling Jo is going to give up to Ash in the back of his van. If the apocalypse were coming to my town, I wouldn't wanna die a virgin either.
rl - cowgirl up
11th-May-2007 02:38 pm (UTC)
yeah, i wondered why bobby didn't just plug the guy too.... maybe he wants to catch him and question him? i dunno. i figured dean was way too consumed with the fact that sam was going to die to worry about jake, but bobby, man, you can shoot him in the back, come on!
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