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3rd-Nov-2008 02:12 pm - Bandpires - In the beginning (FOB)
So some of you may or may not have been reading the epic vampire fic, Constructive Summer, that Kassie recently finished. This is the prologue sketch of Pete and Patrick's storyline from that. I wrote this back in June when we were working out the back stories for many of the characters and I decided to dust it off with her permission. If the timejumping makes you dizzy, my apologies.

Surprisingly, I think this might stand on it's own, but you'll probably get more out of it if you've read her series first. Which you can start here. This part's gen, the rest of the story as a whole is not.

Go Together Like Bullets and GunsCollapse )
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1st-Mar-2008 04:48 pm - Fic: bandom RPS
Title: Power Ballad
Fandom: Bandom, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Pete Wentz/Mikey Way
Rating: R for boy sexing and cursing and agregious use of mustard
Author's Notes: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. They're like My Little Ponies, with accessories. Plus Kassie said, "convince me of the pairing." I don't know if I have. But this is all her fault, mostly, sorta. Anyway, this is my take on the 'Summer of Like' with timelines bent slightly for the sake of story. Thanks to blushandrecover 's excellent Pete/Mikey manifesto for giving me the trufax and hilarious speculation on the epic love story of Mikey and Pete. No Gerards were harmed in the writing of this.

but not the other way aroundCollapse )
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30th-Dec-2007 11:32 pm - Fic: CW RPS J2
Title: Merry Christmas from the Family
Fandom: CW RPS
Rating: explicit
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, various members of the Ackles and Padalecki clans. Special guest appearances by Sandy McCoy and Chrisitan Kane, everyone's favorite red neck.
Wordcount: ~4K
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: Home for the holidays isn't always what it's cracked up to be. This is all fiction. I have no idea what any of these folks are like and this is mere speculation inspired by rumors of certain holiday plans. All characters outside of immediate family only live in my imagination. Title and themes inspired by my favorite Christmas song of all time, "Merry Christmas from the Family" by Robert Earle Keene, which you can download here.

Special thanks to ethrosdemon   and onelittlesleep  , this story is just as much theirs as it is mine. Thanks also to brynwulf   for eleventh hour hand holding. Thanks for telling me I don't suck, sugar.

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8th-Sep-2007 03:11 pm - SPN/BtVS Fic: Sam/Dean/Dru, R

Title: Out of the Red, Out of her Head
Series: Supernatural and AtS, BtVS crossover
Rating: R for dark themes. Still no sex, but there will be, OH, there will be.
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean/Dru mentions of other characters from both verses.
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: Darkish fic, Goes AU after Season 1 of SPN. Takes place post BtVS and AtS series. 
Wordcount: 630
Author's Notes:
  Thanks to notthequiettypefor the speedy grammar beta.

Exactly one year ago, I posted a little ficlet called Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, a BtVS/Supernatural crossover that's been in my brain ever since, but with no real focus, just "mmm, Winchester vampires...HOT"

So I didn't think I'd ever come back to this, but then Buffy Season 8 happened and ideas began to percolate. This stands alone. But the future parts (when I get to them) will be WIP, I think, we'll see.

This is an interlude that maybe sets up some things for  the bigger story I have planned.  You should read the first story though, you'll be lost otherwise. It's only 450 words, so DO EEET.

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Title: Lazy Boyz
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Rating: Total NC-17 PWP
Words: 400ish
Summary: Jeff has tragic taste in furniture, Jared doesn't mind at all
Author Note: Beany baby declared Porn!Friday. Here's my ficlet of a contribution:



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I don't know how to introduce or create a header for original fiction. I guess I don't have to, huh? Cool.

Avarice for something other than wealth was the challenge. This is what happened instead.

I left this unbetaed. My use of pronouns is nearly egregious, forgive me. I encourage any sort of criticism. I'm very thick skinned. 

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26th-Apr-2007 11:37 am - bitch_jerkoff fic request...

to my 

bitch_jerkoff author:

first, thanks a million for participating in this. i really do appreciate it. here's a retelling of my request card:

Top Three HBKinks: threesomes (boys and or girls), cave-in fic, pegging
Fave SPN Pairings: Sam/Dean w/ just about any one smooshed in between, a Dean/Sammich, if you will
RPS?: sure! CW and Whedon shows preferred.
Weecest?: not under the age of 16
Other: i'm bi, so all the characters in my head are too. het is just as much fun as slash for me. and i like Jo *ducks* and Sarah. 


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